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Why B2B Firms Need to Sell on Amazon

A proactive Amazon program can provide incremental revenue and profit - without channel conflict.

Amazon is such an influential company.  It can’t be ignored.  Enceiba helped us align our strategy with our C-level"
Steven Javor
Global Ecommerce Director

B2B Buyers are Flocking to Amazon

There’s no running away from it:  Amazon Business has become the world’s largest and most influential B2B marketplace. Consider that:

  • Amazon Business surpassed $35 billion in sales in 2022.

  • Amazon Business is projected to hit $83 billion in sales by 2025.

  • Almost 70% of all product searches start on Amazon.

And yet, many B2B firms still ignore Amazon. Why?

In our experience, many B2B firms are afraid of:

  • Disrupting their own business model.

  • Creating channel conflict that’s hard to manage.

  • Being forced to sell their products at a lower price
    point or lower margin.


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B2B Firms Can Succeed on Amazon

We get it. Amazon is enormous and can be intimidating. And change can be difficult.

But with the right strategy and guidance, we’re certain every B2B manufacturer and distributor can sell more—and at higher profit margins.

Channels are Shifting – are you Acting?

Amazon can provide incremental revenue and brand reach for B2B firms.  The marketplace typically plays a different role in the B2B buyer’s purchase journey versus traditional resale channels, particularly when customers know exactly what they want and need items in smaller quantities and quickly.
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Source: eMarketer

  • For Brands and Manufacturers, your product IS your competitive advantage.  With a great product, Amazon should be considered just a new distribution channel.

  • The role of traditional resellers and distributors is changing, and Amazon represents a way for you to capture more profit from customers that are already looking for your product by selling directly on the channel.

  • Interested in learning more about what Amazon is doing in B2B? Check out our Resources section.

Take Control of Amazon B2B

Now’s the time to take control of your B2B Amazon presence. More and more B2B buyers are using Amazon Business every day. And more and more manufacturers and distributors are taking steps to develop Amazon as a viable sales channel. 

Isn’t it time you take control and grow your presence on the world’s largest marketplace?
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