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2024 B2B Amazon Industry Pulse Report

2023 was a blockbuster year for B2B businesses on Amazon. B2B sales topped $35 billion and more than 60 percent of B2B buyers make at least 25% of their purchases on the platform.

How did B2B manufacturers and distributors do in 2023? We surveyed over 100 B2B firms to take their temperature on B2B sales on Amazon both last year and for the coming year.

Download this exclusive report to learn about the trends driving B2B sales on Amazon.

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The Amazon Assortment Puzzle

As a B2B manufacturer, you probably have
thousands of products that you could sell
on Amazon. But that doesn’t mean they’ll
all be successful or a good match for the

This whitepaper will show you how to identify which products to sell on Amazon, how to understand how your Amazon assortment impacts other sales channels, and more!

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5 Crucial Tactics for Successfully Selling on Amazon

Build it and they will come. That’s not just a line from a famous baseball movie, it’s also a mantra we hear all the time when firms talk about developing a presence on Amazon. It’s a common misconception that a company only has to throw up a few products on Amazon and the revenue will just come pouring in!


The B2B Manufacturer's Guide to Managing Channel Conflict on Amazon

How to Manage and Mitigate Conflict on the World’s Largest Online Marketplace

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Amazon Business 101

Amazon Business has become the fastest growing part of Amazon, responsible for over $35 BN in annual B2B revenue. But what exactly is it? And how do B2B companies take advantage of this explosive channel while limiting channel conflict? Find out in this revealing and practical White Paper from Enceiba.​

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Amazon Business Predictions 2023

What does Amazon Business have in store for the B2B industry in 2023? With the recent news of downsizing at the Ecommerce giant, B2B companies that are considering selling products on Amazon this year might be tempted to take pause.

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