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Amazon Reporting & Analytics

Do you know what your data is saying?
Uncover the true story and make data driven decisions.
Enceiba is truly an extension of our team.  I recommend Enceiba without reservation to any B2B company seeking to understand and take advantage of their Amazon opportunity."
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Roddy Dowd
Head of Ecommerce and
Business Development.

Reporting & Data Analytics

Optimize B2B Amazon Sales

It’s not always easy to understand how your products are performing on Amazon. Sales and revenue don’t tell the whole story.
Enceiba’s Reporting and Analytics solution for the Amazon platform delivers actionable insights so you can optimize your sales and make better decisions.
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Unlock Your Potential

Enceiba’s Amazon experts can help you identify specific opportunities to optimize your Amazon presence and gain control. Our reporting provides actionable insights based on your own data to improve channel performance.

We Make It Make Sense

You are swimming in data, and it can be difficult to sort out what’s important.

That’s why we work to make it easy with the Enceiba Amazon Scorecard, which includes: 
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  • Ongoing gap and opportunity scoring

  • Content performance analysis

  • Channel monitoring and reseller reporting

  • Account health monitoring and enhancement recommendations 

  • Inventory monitoring and stocking recommendations

  • Traffic analysis, including paid and organic traffic to listings 


Leverage Our Expertise

Want to have an in-house Amazon analytics expert? We’ve got your covered!
Enceiba’s Amazon experts can provide your team with comprehensive training and ongoing analysis. We help you understand what metrics to focus on, how to obtain the right data that feeds those metrics, and how transform all of it into actionable insights. Hands on and customizable, we can help you grow your internal Amazon capabilities.
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