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Betty Dain: Taking Control of Amazon

For many B2B suppliers, Amazon can be a frustrating experience, where there is no control over brand, content, and retail pricing, particularly when selling via Amazon's Vendor Central (1P) program. Discover how professional beauty products manufacturer Betty Dain took control of Amazon and drove enormous revenue growth by shifting to the Seller Central (3P) selling method by leveraging Enceiba's help and expertise.

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Dynabrade: Sanding Their Way To Success

Enceiba teamed up with Dynabrade to put their strategy into action, starting with a content overhaul on Amazon. With a boost in their content score from 5 to a solid 9 out of 10, Dynabrade saw a surge in conversion rates and sell-through success.

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Dynabrade 2: Driving Explosive Growth with Amazon Business

After Dynabrade leaned on Enceiba to help them take control of their Amazon presence, they turned to Enceiba to help them grow by leveraging Amazon Business.

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Big Gains, Big Ass Fans: How Big Ass Fans took over Amazon

Enceiba's clever move of leveraging this channel for Big Ass Fans has not only introduced the brand to fresh buyers but also triggered a remarkable surge in revenue growth. By addressing the strategic gaps identified in the discovery phase and executing a foolproof plan, Enceiba achieved a whopping 100% increase in revenue from this channel within a mere six-month period.


H.B. Fuller: Embracing Amazon Delivers 300+% Revenue Growth

Enceiba helped multi-brand B2B manufacturer H.B. Fuller take a crawl-walk-run approach with Amazon Business. Read our case study to find out how we developed and executed a customized strategy that enabled a selection of H.B. Fuller brands to test the waters--and eventually exponentially grow their sales on Amazon.

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American Ortho: Connecting with Patients through Amazon

American Orthodontics successfully connected with B2C buyers on Amazon, allowing orthodontists and dentists to refer patients to purchase their products directly. They also leveraged Amazon's B2B selling channel, enabling licensed medical professionals to buy AO's Class 2 products in bulk or individually

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MSA Safety: How Shifting from 1P to 3P more than Doubled Amazon Sales

MSA Safety, a global leader in safety product manufacturing and sales, recognized an opportunity with Amazon. They partnered with Enceiba to understand the opportunity and help them seize it.

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Grasshopper Mower: From Zero to Lawn Hero

After a year of putting Enceiba's innovative Amazon sales plan, Grasshopper had not only achieved stability but also had grown remarkably. The sales of parts increased quickly, which significantly increased revenue. Grasshopper already has more than 500 SKUs available on the platform, and with Enceiba's help, it is constantly adding more.

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Erin Condren: From Paper to Prime

Enceiba's expertise in Amazon has resulted in impressive sales and profit growth for Erin Condren. The flawless setup and execution of a transition from 1P selling to a fully-controlled 3P program has led to greater revenues and profits at a faster rate than if the company had attempted to do it alone. Over the past 24 months since launching Erin Condren's Amazon 3P selling program, the results have been outstanding.

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West End Knitwear: Irish Apparel Dominates U.S. Sales

Enceiba's incredible Amazon A+ Content strategy has launched West End Knitwear to the very top of Amazon search rankings, resulting in an exciting surge in sales for this incredible knitwear company.

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Hanes Supply Inc.: Raising the Bar on Amazon

By implementing stronger policies, suppliers can now ensure their products are well-represented on Amazon, and Hanes is no longer competing solely on price. This program has created a win-win situation for Hanes and its suppliers, reducing channel conflict and creating a more level playing field where Hanes can compete based on the value they offer buyers. Overall, the partnership has been successful in creating a more effective and profitable sales channel for both Hanes and its suppliers.

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Lancer Skincare: From Channel Conflict to Channel Control

In the competitive world of beauty supply, maintaining brand reputation and controlling distribution channels is integral to both short- and long-term success.

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