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Amazon Channel Control Services

Retake your Brand and Eliminate Channel Conflict on the world's #1 marketplace
With Enceiba, we’ve been able to increase Amazon sales and drive more profit, as well as better control our presence, all while reducing channel conflict."
Billy Hanes
Vice President of Ecommerce

Amazon Channel Control Services

Stop Fearing Channel Conflict. Take Control of Amazon.

For many B2B manufacturers, selling products on Amazon can cause significant channel conflict.  It should be no surprise when distributors, dealers, and retailers get frustrated when they see opportunistic resellers offering a manufacturer’s products at low prices, sometimes even below wholesale prices.
Usually, these conflicts exist because a manufacturer has either never taken control of the Amazon platform and their brand’s representation on it.
The majority of brands don’t even know who their resellers are. A recent industry survey conducted by Enceiba found that 70% of B2B manufacturers do not know who the companies are that are selling their products on Amazon.
But it doesn’t have to be this way. Enceiba helps B2B brands regain control of their content, pricing, channel partners, and overall sales on the Amazon platform, reducing or even eliminating sources of conflict.
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What Is Channel Conflict on Amazon?

Channel conflict occurs when manufacturers (brands) dis-intermediate their channel partners, such as distributors, retailers, dealers, and sales representatives, by selling their products directly to buyers through general marketing methods and/or over the Internet.  Amazon can be a primary source of channel conflict, as 70% of product search is now starting on Amazon. 
Conflict is often centered on price.  And Amazon’s marketplace business model - which generates a considerable portion of its value to buyers by enabling competition on individual items – can be a perfect engine for price erosion.
But Amazon is the world’s most significant marketplace. And failing to have a presence there means giving up control and giving in to these pricing dynamics.  Counterintuitively, the lack of a managed Amazon presence equates to greater channel conflict, not less! 

Eliminate Conflict

At Enceiba, we’ve developed a proven channel control and conflict mitigation program just for B2B manufacturers. As part of our program, we:
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  • Analyze and inventory your current reseller mix

  • Develop approved reseller criteria through an "Authorized for Amazon" program

  • Create policies that help manufacturers enforce their brand control on Amazon (and elsewhere)

  • Leverage Amazon’s built-in brand controls and other approaches to remove unauthorized resellers

  • Help B2B firms align their sales department with their Amazon sales strategy

  • Document a comprehensive channel control strategy with defined metrics and milestones


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