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Amazon Advertising Management

70% of Amazon buyers only purchase from page 1 of search results. Boost Your Visibility.
Enceiba is different, really at another level – they helped us understand and then capitalize on our Amazon opportunities in record time. I highly recommend them."
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Jonathan Cohen
Chief Marketing Officer

Amazon Advertising Management

Amazon Is Crowded. We Help You Stand Out.

With more than three billion products available, Amazon is the largest marketplace in the world. And your buyers are shopping there. 
If you want your products to be seen and stand out, you need an advertising strategy and execution that’s done right. 
That’s where Enceiba comes in. We’re expert Amazon advertising consultants. We’ve helped many leading B2B brands leverage Amazon’s advertising tools to boost revenue and profits.
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What Is Amazon Advertising?

Just like Google AdWords or other advertising platforms, Amazon offers a comprehensive suite of advertising tools that can quickly help sellers get their products in front of buyers. And like Google AdWords, it can be easy to waste ad spend if you are not familiar with Amazon’s advertising platform.
Effectively deploying and managing Amazon advertising is highly complex, with thousands of keywords and hundreds of campaigns that require daily management. That’s why it’s a good idea to have an expert Amazon advertising consultant by your side. 

Skills, Expertise, and Experience

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Enceiba is your Amazon Advertising expert.  We work with you to define a budget, develop a plan, conduct keyword research, build the advertising architecture, and execute campaigns that drive profitable sales.  We combine deep quantitative skills with practical marketing approaches to generate high return programs for our clients.  And we have built and licensed the technology tools necessary to operate effective Amazon advertising programs at scale.
Advertising Services Include:
  • Keyword research and campaign architecture development

  • Constant proactive management within your return on advertising spend (ROAS) goals

  • Optimization of advertising for all add types, including Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display.


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